Video Presentations

Pitfalls of Business Reporting Series

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La Puerta Productions

provides professional content development and production services for

  • Video and film-look digital production (We literally wrote the book on 24p!)
  • Slide and tablet business presentations (wrote that book, too!)
  • Book design and production (all platforms)
  • Ebook conversion and production (among the first to be there, do that)
  • Multimedia book production (EPUB3, KF8, iPad)

Digital Film Production Books and DVDs

Digital Filmmaking for Teens. DVTeensHow-to no-budget DV planning, shooting, and post. Developed with Pete Shaner for Thomson / Cengage. With DVD including shorts from the SOCAPA student film festival. Real World Digital Video 1st Ed. rwdv1Comprehensive survey of toolsets, production planning, shooting, post, distribution, and trends. Developed with Pete Shaner for Peachpit / Pearson. With DVD. Real World Digital Video 2nd Ed.  RWDV2Second edition of this popular survey developed for Peachpit. With updated DVD. 24P: Film Look Digital Video. 
24PHollywood-style lighting and videography using DV and HD camcorders, applying 24 frames per second rate in camera or in post. Developed with Pete Shaner for Thomson / Cengage. With DVD and lots of film-look examples.

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