Digital Video Presentations

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La Puerta Productions

provides professional content development and production services for

  • Video and film-look digital production (We literally wrote the book on 24p!)
  • Slide and tablet business presentations (wrote that book, too!)
  • Book design and production (all platforms)
  • Ebook conversion and production (among the first to be there, do that)
  • Multimedia book production (Vook, iPad)
  • Low-budget indie production planning (Please visit our BackPack Film School blog)

Digital Film Production Books and DVDs

[tabs style=”default”] [tab title=”Digital Filmmaking for Teens”]DVTeensHow-to no-budget DV planning, shooting, and post. Developed with Pete Shaner for Thomson / Cengage. With DVD including shorts from the SOCAPA student film festival.[/tab] [tab title=”Real World DV 1″]rwdv1Comprehensive survey of toolsets, production planning, shooting, post, distribution, and trends. Developed with Pete Shaner for Peachpit / Pearson. With DVD[/tab] [tab title=”Real World DV 2″]RWDV2Second edition of this popular survey developed for Peachpit. With updated DVD.[/tab] [tab title=”24P Film Look DV”]24PHollywood-style lighting and videography using DV and HD camcorders, applying 24 frames per second rate in camera or in post. Developed with Pete Shaner for Thomson / Cengage. With DVD and lots of film-look examples.[/tab] [/tabs]

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